DGA Disc Golf Set

Carefully selected set of three beginner-friendly golf discs.

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This disc golf disc set is perfect for players who are just starting out in disc golf. All RDGA discs are designed to be beginner friendly and will offer more control and distance for those who are just starting off.

Disc Golf Discs in 150 class RDGA Line Disc Plastic weigh 150 grams, are extremely easy to throw with more control and grip. Good for beginners or just starting disc golf. Custom manufactured by Discraft with DGA exclusive disc molds and disc plastic.

The DGA Disc Golf Set comes in a protective presentation bag.

Driver : Rogue

Very tacky grip, and is 150 grams in weight. The RDGA Rogue is ideal for beginners who are looking to throw maximum distance.

Midrange : Squall

The Squall in RDGA plastic has superior grip and is perfect for beginners because it is 150 grams in weight.

Putter : Titanic

DGA developed the ProLine Titanic putt & approach disc to help sink your putts! The ProLine Titanic is a slightly over stable putt and approach disc that sails straight and stable.

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