PD2 G-Line
Super grippy overstable meathook of a driver
Dependable fade
Developed for pros
Power disc
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The G-line PD2 excels in cold weather. The super grippy and durable G-line material merged with the Discmania bestseller meathook driver PD2 is a match made in heaven for anyone looking for a dependable overstable high speed driver. When thrown full power, the G-line version of the PD2 holds a straight line longer than the other plastic versions of the PD2, allowing the longest flights yet seen from this fan favourite mold. Pin-point accurate spike hyzers from both backhand and sidearm are no problem for the G-PD2, as the G-line plastic minimises skips thanks to its shock-absorbing qualities. Put some beef behind it and watch it stick by the basket!

Check out what Simon Lizotte has to say about the PD2:

“This fast and over-stable distance driver is perfect for headwind shots and players with monster arm speed. When thrown with power the PD2 will hold a straight line and finish left hard (RHBH players). Thrown on an anhyzer line this disc will give you the big s-curve you`re looking for and travels long ways with great speed. It`s also great for sidearm throws because of it’s consistent hard fade at the end of it’s flight. The power hungry PD2 was created for power and lots of spin.”

Pro Tip: If you’re used to throwing lighter weights because discs are too overstable don’t worry about it as much with this disc. This is the PD2 that turns a little bit in its flight and it’s pretty much guaranteed to be the furthest flying PD2 we’ve made to date.

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