P2 Sky God S-Line 175g
Limited Edition Lizotte Signature P2 Sky God II
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Simon Lizotte’s signature putter is served with a completely new stamp and plastic material for the 2019 season – The sequel of the popular Sky God P2 is here to serve you with extra glide on your putter shots!

These magnificent driving putters incorporate Discmania’s most popular mold, combined with grippy but very durable plastic. The P2 is an essential weapon for any player at any skill level.

With the limitedly available Swirly S-line plastic, the Sky God P2 is perfect for power drives off the tee, or up shots that need a disc with more stability. Compared to the previous Sky God P2 releases, these Swirly S-line versions come with added glide to offer more distance and straighter lines for your putter power shots.

The Sky God 2 artwork is sure to turn some heads on the course. It embodies the characteristics of the P2 and still resonates the iconic Simon Lizotte appearance.

About the P2:

Targeted especially for pro-players the P2 works great for wrist-putts and fade-in shots inside and outside the circle. Due to it’s stability the P2 works great for approaches and can even tackle strong headwinds. It is also a very consistent driving putter. Probably the most used Pro-level putter in Europe.

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