CD3 S-Line
Consistent distance driver for when you need utmost control over your shot
All skill levels
Controlled distance
Go-to driver
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With the CD3, Discmania set out to create a driver that was suitable for all walks of life and ended up with something even more special than that. Think of your favorite control driver and sprinkle in some added speed, glide, and a little bit of turn and you have yourself a CD3. Combine that with probably the most ergonomic rim configuration you’ve seen on a 11 speed driver and you’ll know this is a disc you’ll be opting for off the tee time after time.

Although it is great for beginning players and advanced golfers alike, the CD3 will find a home even in the bags of power throwers. You will find yourself reaching for it again and again for long tunnel shots, huge turnovers, gentle hyzers, and a soft finish on every throw. Some players even like it for a longer roller. You’ll be amazed with how easy the CD3 is to throw consistently.

*Pro Tip: S-Line CD3’s are more overstable than the C-Line version. Not a crazy amount, but just the right amount. Pair one of these with a C-Line and you will have the perfect set

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