Avenger SS ESP

A flat flier for Ams, Pros love it for turnovers. A new standard for distance.

Beginner friendly
Easy distance!
Roller disc
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Discraft took the best aspects of the The Avenger – its speed and glide – and flatted up the edge. The result is a disc that flies longer and is easier to control. Ams will love it for its flat flight and smooth finish. Pros dig it for mondo turnovers and sky rollers that go forever!

The Avenger SS is a maximum distance driver for the rest of us, combining long glide with ease of control. Throw it hard and flat for a slight fade to the right, then watch the Avenger SS keep on gliding through a smooth, gentle finish. Try one, and you’ll be hooked.

The Avenger SS is the best roller on the market! If you have any trouble rolling, pick up an Avenger SS. This disc is also great for looong turnovers, and an easy-to-control driver for newer players.
Eric McCabe – World Champion

This was the disc that I had been waiting for. A truly great driver for those big turnover shots that hold a turn without turning over and goes far at the same time. It’s probably the disc that I have put in more peoples hands that have a hard time with discs ‘hyzering out’ too much and watched them turn into driving machines. A great beginner to intermediate straight driver and awesome power turnover/roller disc. This thing rocks.
Scott Papa- Team Discraft

The Avenger SS is a terrific addition to the Discraft line. It flies very straight and far right out of the box. Whereas in the past I needed to beat up an Avenger to get my best distance, I can now just pick up an Avenger SS, no working in required!”
Elaine King – Team Discraft

Man, I was shocked at the speed and glide of the Avenger SS. It’s faster than the XL, and makes a great turnover disc.
Dan Ginnelly – Team Discraft

I can throw this disc at 60 percent and it still goes 350 feet. Thrown with a hyzer angle, this disc pops up flat, fades slightly right than slowly fades back left. One of the top sellers out of the pro shop.
Timmy Gill – Team Discraft

This may be the most versatile disc in my bag. I use it for everything. I throw it for backhand hyzers, turnovers and really trust it for long rollers. And I do the same thing with it forehand.
Chris Hysell – Team Discraft

I think it is a great super long range driver for new players and people that don’t have huge arms. If a new player asks me what the best driver for them would be, I usually recommend the SS.
Chris Smith – Team Discraft

A wonderfully adaptable disc. I use it for shots that need to follow a long right turn. Downwind, the glide and turn make it a premier driver and I value it as a roller that I can land an exceptionally long way from the tee and still get great results.
Ron Convers Jr. – Team Discraft

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