Challenger FLX

Very predictable, overstable putter in grippy, long-lasting FLX plastic.

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The Challenger is an amazing overstable putter, and very popular with advanced players. It can get around trouble for those long hyzer putts and is overstable enough to take a good amount of snap on approaches.

FLX Plastic is the most amazing plastic in disc golf: The grip and durability is superb. It is engineered to retain its texture, form and grippiness in any weather. And it is high durability "candy" plastic so it will maintain its flight characteristics over the years. While testing the FLX Challenger, the disc showed no signs of wear after smacking metal for an hour! Take out any other new putter and you will see wear after a few tosses.
Mark Ellis

I use this disc as my main putter, and for a lot of short midrange shots. Very useful disc at slow speeds and you can even use it off the tee on those shorter hole.
Nathan Doss – 2005, 2007 and 2011 World Champion

The BEST putter on the market! It is a great and very predictable overstable putter."
Eric McCabe – World Champion

This disc is cool. I will use it for most shots inside 150 feet. It’s a fine hyzer disc at shorter distances and can be used for short turnovers as well.
Liz Carr

The Challenger is an amazing putter and is overstable enough to throw it on long upshots from 150-200 feet. I use it for hyzer putts and and upshots.
Kim Scott-Wood

I carry four Challengers. One brand new D for putting and putting only. One is old and used for touch shots and long putts. Another D Challenger is somewhat used but is straight. I like the feel of the Challenger for putting, upshots, straight short drives.
Adam Olsen

The ultimate putt and approach disc. It’s an overstable putter that has a great grip and is incredibly consistent. I enjoy using putters for drives and midrange shots when possible because they land softly and don’t skip far from the target.
Adam Goodman

This disc feels great in your hand. Whether you’re looking for that sure feel for accurate putts or that solid grip for ripping the most accurate approaches the FLX Challenger delivers in a big way.
Scott Papa

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