Magnet Jawbreaker
Perhaps the best putter ever made?!?!
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Long straight putter
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The Magnet is the Discraft  flagship putter, and is used by thousands of seasoned disc golfers. Not too hard, not too soft… it goes in and stays in. This disc is excellent in the wind and makes a superb short range driver and approach disc.

I’ll use a slightly beat or very beat one for nice straight shots, especially if the shot requires a higher flight path. Also this is probably the straightest flying disc for downhill shots you can reach the basket on. Just pop it on line and watch it hold all the way down. This is my main driver under 275 feet, and for lots of approach shots. Holds a great line with the forehand or backhand.
Mike Randolph

My all around go-to approach and short drive putter is the Magnet. Holds a turn, holds a hyzer and holds a straight line like no other putter out there. I’ve been using the Magnet since it came out and will never change.
Timmy Gill

My main putter for the past decade. I love the feel of a Magnet. The form just feels right in my hand. When new, a Magnet is strong and overstable. It handles winds well for putts or approach shots up to about 200 feet. For upshots I am equally comfortable throwing it forehand or backhand.
Mark Ellis

I use the Magnet for upshots, huge turnovers, or tight fairways. This disc will hold any line you put it on.
World Champion Eric McCabe

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