Spectra 170-172g
Easy to control disc that gives extra distance with less arm speed, and they look awesome!
All skill levels
Beginner friendly
Easy distance!
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The Spectra may be the next distance record setter, because it goes a long way with much less effort! Super fast and easy to control, the Spectra is a downwind driver that comes exclusively in SuperColor designs.

Wow! This is the disc that I will finally throw over 500 feet. I can’t say enough about its speed and flight. I would recommend the Spectra if you don’t throw real hard but are looking for extra distance without the big hyzer finish
Scott Pap – Team Discraft

Best tailwind driver out there. These babies GO! It will hold a turn for a long ride, then have a big swooping hyzer at the end of it’s flight. Beautiful designs on these discs too.
Timmy Gill – Team Discraft