Tracker X

Extra distance with a slow fading finish.

All-round performer
Long straight flight
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The Tracker is an extra long range driver with pinpoint accuracy and superior performance. Displays flight characteristics similar to the ever popular Buzzz midrange, but longer.

My primary anhyzer driver and for controlled soft tunnel shots. The Tracker is all about control. On most shots, control is much more important than power and the hardest shots to control are tight tunnels and anhyzers. With the Tracker, you don’t have to torque on it hard to get it to turn over. I can throw it smooth and flat and it produces a controlled, predictable response.
Mark Ellis – Team Discraft

This is Discraft’s most controllable driver. Great for straight shots, slow hyzers and turnovers. Very predictable, even in moderately windy conditions.
Peter Wyngaard – Team Discraft

Great control driver. I use this disc for anhyzers or flip-hyzer tunnel shots. Really flies like a longer range Buzzz. Predictability keeps this disc a mainstay in my bag.
Shane Seal – Team Discraft

Great fast slightly overstable disc. This disc is one you can consistently control with. I like it for straight shots, to ones that just slightly fade left.
Matthew Blakely

Everyone needs a shorter, slower, more controllable driver. The Z Tracker is mine. It’s stable enough to be trustworthy, but flippy enough to go straight for a long ways. I use a lot for shots where my Buzzz just wont reach. Makes a good roller too once it’s beat in.
Miles Seaborn – Team Discraft

The Tracker is a great disc to throw on tighter courses. It has a great straight flight path with a predictable hyzer at the end. Something about this disc makes it very easy to control and throw on low lines. If I know I am going to need some dead straight drives it is in the bag for sure.
Chris Smith – Team Discraft

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