Flash Z

The 'go to' driver for many pros and amateurs alike. A favourite at Disc Zoo!

All skill levels
Good sidearm disc
Long straight flight
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This maximum distance driver is one of Discraft’s fastest and has superior glide. With a stability rating of 1.5, the Flash appeals to a wide range of disc golfers and could easily be your longest driver.

The Flash is a really long flying disc. It is very fast, and has great glide. Do yourself a favor and pick one up today!
Eric McCabe – World Champion

My most fun and semi-magical disc. For years I thought it was impossible for me to throw a perfectly straight long distance drive: A shot which leaves the hand dead-nuts straight and flies that way until it finishes straight with no fade or hyzer. Then I found the Flash. Wow!
Mark Ellis – Team Discraft

WHOOOO doggie. This disc is amazingly easy to throw a long way as long as I have the room for it to fly. It is making 400-425 foot holes something that is not even a crush to reach now that this is in the bag. I think that this is a disc that will help many people get that distance that they feel lacks in their game.
Scott Papa – Team Discraft

The Flash is the farthest flying disc in my bag. I throw it backhand in low wind situations. Definitely my primary distance driver in normal conditions.
John Maiuro – Team Discraft

An exceptionally fast long bomber, and one of the of the most exciting discs I`ve had the pleasure of adding to my bag in a long time. The Flash holds a truer flight line than most of it`s more stable relatives. The straight line means less fade when it just has to hold a line through obstacles too.
Ron Convers Jr.  – Team Discraft

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