Surge SS Z

Highly responsive distance driver for virtually all arms and skill levels

All skill levels
Great glide
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A max distance driver for players who don’t have quite enough snap to maximize the original Surge’s potential. The Super Straight Surge SS delivers all the glide that players have come to expect from a Surge, with a straighter edge to enhance controllability at slower speeds. Goes a long way with less effort!

My new long anhyzer disc and controlled fairway driver. It gets the same beautiful flippy hyzer S shot as my Surge, I just don’t have to throw it as hard. This makes it the most valuable to me on uncertain terrain where my footwork is compromised. A stand-still driver shot is now no longer a problem."
Liz Carr – Team Discraft

It is very similar to a Surge but just a bit less stable. This is my primary long distance anhyzer driver. The Surge SS is an amazing disc because it works for almost everyone. Players who don’t throw with much power use it for a hyzer driver. Players with some power throw it as a straight driver and big arms or forehanders use it as an anhyzer driver. However it is thrown, Surge SS has superior glide. If you try one new driver this year, try Surge SS.
Mark Ellis – Team Discraft

The Surge SS edition gives me all the distance of a Surge, with a slightly gentler flight pattern and less of an overstable finish. I have also found that I can use it for longer left to right curves, which makes it a great addition to the bag that didn’t require adaptation to an entirely different profile and flight path. It finishes amazingly fast too.
Barrett White – Team Discraft