Third Leg Stool

Pop your Third Leg out on the course and rest up ready for your next shot.

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Impress that special someone with The FADE Gear THIRD LEG™. At a healthy 19 inches long, you’ll be sitting tall when you’re hanging out.

Use it anywhere, anytime: Sporting events, Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Stalking, Waiting at the Mall, Directing Traffic, Disrupting Traffic or even TV/VCR Repair. Pick up and go with the handy seat strap, which folds the FADE THIRD LEG™ effortlessly and quickly when you need to advance to the next hole, or make a timely escape.

  • STRONG: Holds 250 Pounds
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Only 28 Ounces
  • Aircraft Spec Bronze Anodized Aluminum Legs
  • 19” High Comfortable 3-Layer Seating Surface
  • Long-Wear, Heat-Sealed Durable Fabric
  • Reinforced Inner Construction Adds Support
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners for Lasting Strength
  • Extra Large Feet Hold Tight, Sit Firmly
  • Folds Effortlessly and Quickly With One Smooth Motion