Hive Disc Talon Retriever
Reach for Teslas, climb every mountain higher... sorry.
Essential Kit
Extends to 16'!

Arguably the best and most versatile tool for disc retrieval is here – The Hive Disc Talon Retriever! With its twin-pronged talon and a telescoping pole, the Hive Disc Talon Retriever makes getting hard-to-reach discs simpler than it’s ever been. Whether your disc is in the water, stuck in a tree, or trapped in a thorny thicket, you can feel confident that the Hive Disc Talon Retriever is up to the job. With a Talon Retriever in your bag, you’ll spend less time and effort retrieving discs and more time playing!

The pole extends out to 16 feet (almost 5 metres in new money), so you’ve got some serious disc-retrieving potential.  Almost guaranteed to save you getting your feet getting wet or spend ages wanging anything you can find into a tree to dislodge your disc at some point..!