Katana Blizzard Champion

Understable distance driver for truly massive downwind drives

All skill levels
Beginner friendly
Easy distance!
Floats in water!
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The Katana is built with the finesse thrower in mind. Recommended downwind driver. Hit the angle right and watch it bolt out of sight. The physical characteristics resemble a Boss with the flight characteristics of a Sidewinder on steroids. Master the technique of Katana and rule the course.

Innova Blizzard Champion Plastic

I love the new Blizzard technology discs! I recently went to New Mexico and thoroughly tested them side by side with other discs at various elevations and wind speeds. The new Blizzard discs came out on top.

From what I’ve observed, the Blizzard discs fly with almost the same stability as the equivalent model 20 grams heavier. They feel and throw like heavier discs than they actually are. This allows for much longer throws, especially in the right conditions.

I’ve tested the new Blizzard discs in weights ranging from 130g to 155g and can honestly say that these are going to add distance to many disc golfers’ games. From the average player to the experienced pro, everyone can benefit from Blizzard Champion Discs.
David Wiggins Jr. – 2010 Amateur World Champion & Distance Record Holder

Possibly my favorite out-of-the-box high-speed driver. It takes a while to turn over and glides really well. Recently, this 52 year old 3’d a 780′ hole from 45′ behind the pin with 2 Pro Katana drives. I’d say the disc works pretty well.
Gregg Hosfeld

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