Birdie DX

Slow, straight flyer with a sure Thumtrac grip that makes it easy to go for it without worry.

All skill levels
Great for kids!
Unique Thumtrac
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The Birdie is a slow, straight flyer with Innova's Thumtrac® grip for a sure release. It has great chain catching ability. Great for approach shots, as it flies straight and slow start to finish. It is one of our best “go for” discs as it doesn’t go far past the basket on misses, and stays put when it hits the ground. A good disc for those players making the conversion from flat edged disc sports: Catch, Ultimate, Freestyle, etc.

I switched to the Birdie several years ago. It is rock solid in the wind. This is why I putt with it. I also use it for approaches out to about 200 feet, for the same reason (stability in wind) and because, compared with other discs, it stays put better when it hits the ground.
Peter Shive: Nine-Time Sr. Grandmasters World Champion

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