Beast Pro

Wide rimmed driver with long glide and predictable finish. Good disc for players of all levels.

Beginner friendly
Best Seller!
Great glide
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The Beast issued in the era of the wide rimmed driver. It was an instant classic when it was released, giving players more distance using less power. The Beast’s high speed and high speed, combined with one of the longest glide phases of any distance driver, gives big, big distance.

The Beast can increase the driving distance of beginners and pros alike. It also doubles as a great long distance roller. Signature disc for Two-Time World Champion Barry Schultz.

I usually carry 2 or 3 Beasts in the bag depending on the course (open or wooded) and the weather (hot or cold and dry or wet). I like the Champion Beast’s durability in the woods. I usually keep a fresh Champion Beast in my bag. I throw in a DX Beast in the cold or wet and for open courses
Barry Schultz: Two-Time World Champion

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