Roadrunner Starlite

Now with added distance! Starlite plastic for easy distance at low power

All skill levels
Beginner friendly
Roller disc
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The Roadrunner is a very versatile long-range Distance Driver with lots of glide. It makes an excellent finesse driver or long range roller. This disc has the accuracy of a Fairway Driver plus it can deliver big distance as well.

I throw this disc because it has a lot of glide, which means more distance. It makes an excellent anhyzer disc.
Angela Tschiggfrie: Two-Time US Women’s Champion

The Roadrunner is a great compliment to the Leopard. It has a similar flight path but will fly 10-20% farther. It is a go to disc for my hyzer flip and tunnel shots.
Mike Solt

Another great versatile disc. Great range as a straight flier and can be very effective as a turnover/roller disc. Put one of these in your bag for those tight fairways!
Matt LaCourte Jr

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