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Mace Opto

Smash up the fairways with a Mace!

All skill levels
All-round performer
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Like many of you might know 2013 was the first year one of the best players of all time, David Feldberg joined forces with Latitude 64. To celebrate this they wanted to give him a signature disc. The Mace was already in the pipeline but Feldberg tried it and said that he wanted the Mace to be his first signature disc. Said and done, Mace is approved and used by David Feldberg and the Opto Line comes with his name and logo on the artwork.

Mace is the midrange for the masses. Being the fifth Latitude 64° mid, the Mace has taken the best of our previous molds to end up as a very solid ”all you need” midrange. The Mace can handle a big arm and also be controlled by players with less power. It will hold a hyzer line, fly reliably straight or work its way back on a long anhyzer drive. One disc challenge? Look no further…

Latitude 64's viking ancestors never went into battle without their favorite Mace. That mindset is now valid again.