Inertia Plasma
Understable driver, great for hyzerflips and happy fairways!
All skill levels
Hyzer Flips
Long straight flight
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Flight Path
Disc Profile

The Inertia is the grand debut of MVP’s 20mm-wing distance driver class. This allows for an unmatched GYRO™ Push to give throwers increased control in their distance drives. The Inertia’s understable profile will allow high power throwers to achieve consistent hyzerflips that will carry far and accurately. Its Neutral flight for low power throwers will allow for reliably straight distance lines with accuracy.

The Inertia’s flight path is characterized by a responsive understable flight with reliable fade.

Low- and average-power throwers will find a workable straight to understable long precision driver. Power throwers will achieve a range of turnover lines with a fade finish.

Its understable and fade properties make the Inertia highly useable for lower-powered throwers seeking distance and control, and its forward kick-in fade allows more experienced throwers to carve pinpoint distance lines.

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