Lightweight and tough... swing your NutSac!

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A fresh concept in disc golf bags : small is good!

8 simple reasons why you should use a NutSac…

1. How Many Discs do You Really Use?

The NutSac disc golf bag perfectly holds up to 6 discs. Now we hear some guys need twelve or more discs (and that’s why we designed the Double NutSac), but most players only ever use about 3 or 4–a driver, midrange, and putter (and that extra driver for the one you just lost in the brambles).

2. Looks Great!

Tired of carrying a disc golf bag that looks like a cheap insulated cooler? Yeah, us too. The NutSac looks so cool we guarantee it will take strokes off your game.

3. American Made Cannonball Canvas.

Made from tough as nails, heavy-duty Cannonball Canvas. Like your favorite Brand Name Work Clothes (rhymes with car farts), this baby only looks better with age.

4. Low Profile and Light.

We don’t play disc golf for exercise. We play to have a little fun with our friends. You’ll be glad you aren’t lugging around more bag and more discs than you need. You can even drive with it on. I never put my NutSac down.

5. The Pocket.

Lots of disc golf bags have pockets, but only the NutSac has one specially designed to fit your keys, cigs, and pipe. Obviously this makes the NutSac Disc Golf Bag the only true pro disc golf bag.

6. Snaps!

‘Nuff said.

7. Hack Your Sac!

Since the NutSac is canvas, you can easily customize it with just a needle, thread, and some ingenuity. Sew on some tournament patches or have it embroidered with your initials. Send us a picture of your hacked NutSac (the bag smart-ass, not your balls) and we’ll post it on our site.

8. Made in America!

Each and every NutSac Disc Golf Bag is in America with 100% American Made canvas. We put Americans to work. You’ll wear your NutSac with pride!

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