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Kahu Atomic
High speed driver with gentle turn good glide and a hard fade. Great for sidearm.
Dependable fade
Good sidearm disc
Headwind Shots
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The RPM Atomic Kahu is a great high speed driver with gentle turn good glide and a hard fade. It is also a superb sidearm disc.

This is a disc you can really get behind, and rewards players that can throw it with a decent amount of power.  Expect a slight turn at full power, then a decent glide before a reliable fade at the end of the flight.  Perfect for huge flex shots and is more than capable of handling moderate winds.

For a more extreme overstable version, try the Kahu OS!


Kāhu is the Māori name for the New Zealand Swamp Harrier, a large, tawny-brown bird of prey that occurs throughout New Zealand. It is an opportunistic hunter that searches for food by slowly quartering the ground with its large wings held in a distinctive shallow V-shape.
Adapted to hunt in open habitats, its numbers have benefited from widespread forest clearance and the development of agriculture. Although carrion is a major component of the harrier’s diet, it also actively hunts live prey such as small birds, mammals and insects.
Capable dispersers, birds from New Zealand visit islands as far north as the Kermadec Islands and as far south as Campbell Island. Known for their dramatic ‘sky-dancing’ courtship display the swamp harrier is the largest of the 16 species of harriers found worldwide.

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