Magnet Soft D

A softer, grippier version of the Magnet that grabs the chains.

All skill levels
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Long straight putter
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Specially engineered for players who love the Magnet but prefer a softer putter that grabs the chains. It’s more tacky than floppy, with good grip for consistent release every time. A superb short range driver and approach disc too.

The Soft Magnet is what I use for all my jump putts. It allows me to give the basket a better run because the Softy won’t go too far past the basket or catch much of a skip. It’s better for finesse putts too.
Cale Leiviska

My main putter for the past decade. I love the feel of a Magnet. The form just feels right in my hand. When new, a Magnet is strong and overstable. It handles winds well for putts or approach shots up to about 200 feet. For upshots I am equally comfortable throwing it forehand or backhand.
Mark Ellis

The Soft Magnet is my go-to putter, it just feels so good and grippy in my hand. Dead nuts straight flier. Grabs the chains like no other.
Timmy Gill

My main putter is the Soft Magnet. I carry two identical ones with the same weight, and try to keep them equally broken in. They’re great for practice, repetition, and winning. I always know I can pull either out and it will fly the same as it’s brother. They fly nice and straight without much effort, but they’re still Magnets, so they aren’t affected much by the wind.
Darren Harper