Beginner’s Guide To Disc Golf

If you’re new the wonderful world of disc golf, have a quick read over the points below before you go rushing for that super fast ultra long range driver!

Have fun!

The best way to learn is to have fun. Start off easy, and you’ll enjoy the game a lot more. Learning with a friend can be great fun.

Choose the right disc

The choice of discs can be slightly overwhelming to begin with, but two basic rules of thumb for the beginning player are:

  • Throw Light

    Drivers from 150g to 165g are ideal for beginners, and will be easier to control.

  • Throw Right

    Look for the words ‘understable’, ‘roller’ or ‘turnover’ in the disc description as these are the most beginner-friendly.

We’ve made choosing the right disc easy – look for the ‘Beginner Friendly’ icons Beginner Friendly Golf Disc and it will narrow the recommended choices drastically.

Pick up a Pack!

We realise it might be daunting looking at hundreds of different models of discs in different plastics, so we’ve taken the pain out of choosing your first discs. Head on over to our Disc Golf Bundles and Packs page and pick up a set of discs to get you started!

Develop a technique

It can be frustrating at first as all your drives go high into the air and drop to the left, but with time you will learn how the discs fly and how to throw them consistently. Don’t be afraid of asking another player for advice – disc golfers are a friendly bunch, and they’ll probably jump at the chance of sharing their knowledge with you.

You should start to feel a ‘rhythm’ to throwing well. A good throw just ‘feels’ right – remember that feeling!

It sounds obvious, but plan your shot before you throw, not while you’re throwing.

Work on the basic throws to start with, whether you’re a backhand or sidearm thrower, get that nailed down before you start trying more advanced shots.

Keep it simple

Don’t be intimidated when you see other players throwing discs huge distances – power is nothing without control! Keep it on the fairways and out of the rough stuff. Once you’ve started putting the disc where you want it, you can work on putting that mark closer to the basket.