Effective Course Design

  • Imaginative design is one of the most important components of a successful course.

  • A great course takes advantage of the natural topography and a park’s unique terrain.

  • A course that offers creative play and challenges players of all skill levels will endure.

  • A well designed course forms the cornerstone of any Disc Golf development plan.

Without the proper planning, course design can be the most overlooked part of the course development project. Without appropriate planning and the right course design assistance, the most spectacular piece of land and course plans can be wasted. Each piece of land has unique geography and a proper design will utilize these natural characteristics. Trees, shrubs, hills, creeks and lakes all offer more obstacles and challenge. A good designer will know how to utilize all of these features to create the best holes the land has to offer.

The more imagination that goes into the overall course, the more successful it will be. A well-designed course will be safe, environmentally friendly, flow around the existing features of your property, and maximize the use of the area’s existing topography.

Disc Zoo has designed Disc Golf courses for all levels of play. From family-friendly ‘pop-up’ courses to truly World-Class tournament courses, we understand what it takes to makes a course accessible yet challenging so that players keep coming back for more.

A properly designed course can convert what was once underutilized land, that was undesirable for other recreational activities, into a prized feature of your facility, used by hundreds of people on a daily basis.