Inclusion & Accessibility

Disc Golf can be played by all people. There are currently around 6,000 courses world-wide in 54 countries. The majority of players are able bodied and aged between 14 and 54, however children as young as 5 are playing competitively and there is a growing Legends Division for the Over-70’s.

Courses and competitions have been created for deaf and blind players, and disc golf has proven to be a highly inclusive sport accessible to a huge range of ages and abilities.

Disc Zoo has a broad experience working with autism and learning disabilities, and it is the intention of the Disc Zoo team to design and build a course that maximises accessibility wherever possible.

Disc Golf allows players to challenge themselves on an individual basis and is a very sensory and tactile experience with a series of goals that are realistically achievable.

Working with young people with special education needs I often find it can be difficult to fit physical education into the timetable. Some sports take a long time to play and young people lose interest or they involve a skill level that makes it difficult to access. However the one sport that we have found all of our young people are able to engage with is Disc Golf. The mix of gross motor movement rather than fine motor movement makes it easier for our young people to pick up, and that coupled with the natural player progression that can be seen after just a few throws keeps people coming back for more. It is a great opportunity for socialising as well as exploring the local environment. Then when you add the variety of discs available and the courses in the local area, Disc Golf is the biggest, most engaging sport that we have found!
Game on!JB, SEN School