Disc Zoo recommends that all hardware installed meets rigorous safety and security standards. Disc Golf baskets installed on private land with its own security measures can be made from lighter materials and be more portable, although additional environmental factors may influence the type of basket best suited to your course.

Disc Golf baskets installed in public parks need to be robust. They can be sat on, hit, kicked, stolen, have their chains separated from the rims or even used as BBQ sites – it has been known!

This is where the DGA baskets come into their own, and why Disc Zoo exclusively uses DGA. The materials used and quality control on the Mach range of baskets is second to none. They have proven themselves to withstand the rigours of time and, over the years, have proven to be virtually indestructible yet satisfy all the requirements of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA).

The baskets can secured into concrete bases and locked to prevent them from being stolen. Disc Zoo provides full installation specifications to ensure baskets are fixed securely and safely into the ground.

We had a problem with vandalism in certain areas, but after the disc golf course was built the increased activity really decreased vandalism. It takes a piece of space that wasn’t being used and makes it an important part of the grounds.Rich Dippel
South St. Paul
Director Parks & Recreation