Disc Colours, Weights and Stamps

Each disc is individually added to our stock system, and we do our best to give you the most accurate information possible about the discs.

Disc Designs and Hot Stamps

Some discs are made and sold primarily for the design on top.  These are mainly fundraiser discs, collectable discs and dyed discs. In these cases we have taken our own photos of the discs, and reproduced them as faithfully as we can, warts an’ all, on the web site.

‘Stock’ discs are somewhat different in that the stamp can change between production runs of the same disc, and the foil colour can be different on discs of the same model, weight and colour, so it’s unlikely you’ll get a precise replica of the image you see on the web site

If you have a specific request for a certain run of a particular model, please get in touch with us before placing the order, and we’ll let you know what’s on top of the disc.

Disc Weights

We don’t weigh each disc, as it’s already been done it for us!  The weights we give the discs are those supplied by the manufacturer.  Some have stickers on them, others have the weight and a code handwritten underneath the disc in the centre. We reckon the people who make the discs know what they’re doing here!

Colours, A Rainbow of Colours!

Once you have chosen the weight, you’ll be able to select from the colours available at that weight. We’ve done our utmost to assign the closest colour to each disc, and took the decision early on to narrow down the colour choices to the ‘main’ colours out there.

So, you’ll find no ‘Vermillion Sunset’, ‘Burnt Tangerine’ or ‘Deep Purple with Hints of Cerise’ in the colour options, but if you order a ‘Yellow’ disc, you can be pretty certain that what turns up will be a shade of yellow!