Why Disc Golf?

Healthy, Life-Long Sport

Easy to play and fun, Disc Golf is a family-friendly sport that is a low impact, safe exercise for all ages. In addition to being a physical activity, disc golf is also a cognitive sport requiring visualisation, planning, spacial judging and problem-solving disc flight paths. As such, it can be a great aid towards a healthy state of mind.

Inclusive and Accessible

Disc Golf is a sport that is truly accessible by a huge variety of players across all demographics. There are courses that have been designed for blind players, some courses are wheelchair-friendly, and Disc Zoo has experience with working with a range of learning disabilities to maximise the possibilites for a course.

Environmentally Friendly

Disc golf gets people outside and engaged in a healthy outdoor activity. Unlike many other sports, disc golf does not require specialised facilities or extensive land development, and it uses an area’s existing topography. There is no clear-cutting trees, grading land or costly fertiliser necessary.

Positive Use of Space

The sport serves as a deterrent to anti-social behaviour as the course attracts positive and dedicated Disc Golf players. Disc Golf clubs who bring a beneficial element to the area take on an active role as stewards of the courses. The players tend to make sure the course and area is in good shape and taken care of.

Cost Effective

Disc golf courses are inexpensive to install and the game is affordable to play. Courses will attract new people to the area and establish a regular player base which in turn supports local businesses. Thanks to the low installation costs, commerical Disc Golf courses can see a return on their investment in a very short time.

Repurposing Neglected Land

Disc golf is very flexible to different topography, and varied terrain is best. Trees, shrubs, hills, streams and lakes offer more obstacles and challenge on a course. In sensitive land-use areas where disturbance needs to be kept low, baskets can be mounted in above-ground concrete forms.

Disc golf has been very beneficial for the park… We’ve received a lot of extra visitors and attention because of the game. Disc golfers are in the park 365 days a year. Whatever the season, whatever the weather, I see players on the course. That’s what is exciting to me. We have something that attracts people all year round and disc golf is now our biggest winter activity. If you build it they will come.Bob Gregersen
County Parks Director