Benefits of Disc Golf

  • Growing Popularity

    • Disc Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the US and Europe and one of the top facilities that land owners plan to add to their facilities. There is huge potential to emulate this growth in the UK.
    • As of June 2016, the PDGA lists over 5,863 courses worldwide.
    • An estimated 12 million people have played disc golf and there are an estimated 2 million current active players.

  • Health Benefits

    • Disc golf is a great low impact, physically active sport. Disc golfers walk close to three miles or an average of about 5,613 steps per 18-hole round.
    • It creates psychological outcomes promoting participation, and players can experience improvements in self-esteem and mood after exercising outdoors.
    • It has been found that children with ADHD seem to focus better after being outdoors.

  • Anyone Can Play

    • Disc golf is a truly “ageless sport” where people of all ages can play alongside each other.
    • Friends and family with different skill abilities and levels of health can play together.
    • Most courses are free to the public and discs are inexpensive.
    • If you can throw a Frisbee you can begin playing disc golf.
  • Social Benefits

    • Although it can be played alone, Disc Golf is primarily a group activity.
    • As the player base grows, clubs will form regular meetings and leagues promoting social bonds and shared experiences.
    • Players effectively become stewards of the course, benefitting the surrounding area and community as a whole.
Disc Golf is an academic resource, it teaches an amazing peace of mind to students who have never been taught to deal on a one on one basis with themselves. In Disc Golf, troubled students learn to participate in an activity that indeed changes their lives. My Frisbee taught millions of people to relate to another person through the medium of simply playing catch with a piece of plastic. Disc Golf teaches them to go one step further to play a simple and satisfying game with themselves, again with a piece of plastic.“Steady” Ed Headrick
DGA and Disc Golf’s Founding Father.
( June 28, 1924 – August 12, 2002 )